Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds to Building Codes and Standards

The condition of your chimney is very important for many reasons. Even an unused chimney must be maintained to avoid water penetration that can cause exterior as well as interior damage. The chimney requires several key components to be present in order for it to resist the harsh elements. Remember, the chimney stands above the structure and is exposed to the elements.

A chimney must be built according to fire code standards. It must have a crown (a sloped centre) that will stop water from entering the chimney. The cap (a coping stone that sits on top of the bricks) with a drip edge will protect your brick by directing the water away from it. The clay flue liners that are located inside the chimney stack must be in good condition. The chimney flashing (where the chimney meets the roof) must be in good condition to avoid water penetration into the structure. All elements are sealed with a commercial grade fire rated caulking.

Customers often ask us when they should they be repairing their chimney. The best time would be in the very early signs of decay. The longer you wait the more decay will spread outside and inside. Repairing only the damaged bricks you see on the outside will result in repairs again and again, as the inside brick decay makes its way on the outside where you can see it. The chimney must be taken down to the point where there is no more damaged bricks visible on the inside and in many cases, it is best to rebuild the complete chimney (to roof line). A complete rebuild will give you peace of mind for many years. Contact us to find out more.

Stone Chimneys

Rebuilding chimneys in stone has become an excellent alternate solution for those homes where the matching brick is no longer available for chimney rebuilds and repairs. There are many real stone choices that will coordinate with your existing masonry. This is not a solution for minor repairs, but it works for rebuilds to the roof line or foundation. It is not just a rebuild, but a property enhancing renovation.

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