Concrete Walkways

Concrete has always been a wise choice for walkways and sidewalks. It is long-lasting, easy to care for and has a nice clean appearance. Given our climate, proper installation is essential. Three Little Pigs Masonry follows the National Building Code (NBC) guidelines for concrete installation. This includes 4-foot pilings (below frost line) installed at 5-foot intervals and reinforced with steel rebar and concrete. This step is very important in keeping the concrete in place over time when the earth is subject to constant movement. Six to eight inches thick concrete is placed to create the concrete walkway or sidewalk. The concrete is also reinforced with overlapping steel mesh.

Our team works closely with the customer to achieve the correct design and finish. Three Little Pigs Masonry provides a 20-year warranty on your new NBC concrete walkway or sidewalk. The walkway or sidewalk is ideal for customers who would like to have flagstone installed as the finished product. It will ensure that no cracking or shifting will affect the flagstone, providing many years of enjoyment and pride.

Three Little Pigs Masonry also offers concrete walkways and sidewalks installed by the Ontario Building Code. Please call our office for details.

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