Let Us Provide You with Quality Masonry Repairs

Three Little Pigs Masonry provides homeowners in the GTA and York region with an unlimited variety of masonry repairs. Our estimator will use his many years of experience to determine the best course of action to correct your masonry issues. Our forces will implement his instructions to achieve long lasting results. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Tuck pointing or repointing

Tuck pointing is the removal of old mortar to a minimum depth of 5/8 of an inch. The mortar joint area is replaced with new mortar with a preferred concave joint. Concave joints are considered the least susceptible to water penetration. We try to achieve the best possible colour match to the existing mortar joints.

Brick Spalling Repairs

Deterioration, or spalling as it is referred to in our industry, is an indication that water is penetrating and causing damage. Spalling of bricks can occur at various locations around your home. Brick, stone or block installed too close to grade level (too low to the ground) is exposed to the environment. It should have been installed above grade level by a minimum of 8 inches. Parge should be troweled on as it resists the water, snow and salt, and protects the foundation. Another reason that brick spalling occurs is when there is no flashing or weep vents properly installed. If you can visually see the vents, they may be plugged. Lack of vents or plugged vents does not allow water to drain to the outside of the home or building. The water is trapped and is slowly damaging the brick from the inside out or worse, the water is slowly making its way into the home or building. Our forces will expertly install the necessary vents and active weepers and reinstall new brick or parge.

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney rebuilding is another common masonry repair for the GTA homeowner. Most masonry chimneys do not have issues unless they are located above the roof line. Below the roof line the chimney is protected by a roof and roof line. Above the roof line, the chimney is susceptible to many environmental exposures. It is exposed to rain, snow, wind and sudden changes of temperatures to the top of the chimney flue liner.

The hottest part of a fire is the top of the flame which is the flue liner above the roof line.

When you combine a cold evening (-20 or colder) with the starting of a fireplace, the extreme change in temperature affects the top section of the flue liner, causing it to break away from the crown (if a crown exists). Our forces are trained to rebuild or repair your chimney to fire code standards including the installation of a fire rated caulking. The fire rated caulking has been formulated to perform in extreme temperature fluctuations and seals the joints between the flue liner and the crown properly. Proper drip edges in the cap of the chimney are essential to guide water away from the masonry. Finally, if animals or birds entering the chimney are a concern, the installation of rain cap is the best solution.

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