Concrete Foundations Need to be Maintained

The health of your home's foundation is a very important aspect to the overall health of your home. Great care was taken to protect the below grade foundation of your home at time of building. Two, and at times three, layers of water membrane have been installed to protect the foundation below grade. Little or no care has been given to the above grade foundation.

Protecting Your Above Grade Foundation

The above grade foundation is left exposed to the elements and will deteriorate over time. Crumbling, cracking, peeling, breaking and signs of water leakage are all indicators that your foundation needs immediate attention. In addition, if the concrete of your foundation shows visible aggregates such as stones or gravel, it must be repaired to prevent costly damage.

Our forces are trained to deal with all the issues that your foundation requires. We professionally seal all the cracks or holes in your foundation. Once we have sealed the foundation, we professionally grind the surface of the foundation to ensure we have a clean masonry bond for our next step.

Grinding for a Perfect Foundation

Grinding is the only sure way to achieve a surface that is as similar as possible to newly poured concrete. Acid wash or pressure wash prior to troweling on parge will not achieve a long-term result. Also by grinding, we can achieve a crisp, clean result as the foundation acts as a pedestal for your home.

Our next step is parging your above grade foundation. We use the highest quality parge available on the market. It is professionally applied to the prepared foundation and achieves a sandstone water repellant finish.

Washable Water Repellant Colour Coating

Our final recommended step is a washable water repellant colour coating that leaves your foundation with an even clean and crisp appearance that will last for many years. Our parging process can be applied to many other concrete areas of your home that require attention.

Three Little Pigs Masonry provides a full 10 year warranty – call today.

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