Refacing Options to Enrich Your Home’s Appearance and Resolve Issues

Stone refacing is an excellent choice for those areas of your home such as windows or panels that are presently finished in stucco, wood or siding. Stone is the maintenance-free solution that will also add curb appeal to your home. So many homes are designed with external featured areas that are covered in stucco, stone or wood. It looks good but there can be issues with water penetration, drafts and the issue of continual maintenance to keep these areas looking as fresh as the masonry. Ask yourself, what has been installed between you and the outside? The answer is usually not enough. There have been many projects where we have discovered less than adequate materials installed to keep your home warm and dry.

Our forces install real stone (limestone or sandstone) to any area of your home that presently is covered in stucco, wood or siding. We prepare the area to ensure that it is fully sealed to end uncomfortable drafts and to stop any water penetration. We install real stone complete with a real R value that will keep your home warmer and drier. Finishing touches such as stone sills and commercial grade caulking complete this transformation. Enjoy the beauty of stone for many years to come.

Three Little Pigs Masonry provides a 10 year warranty – call to learn more.

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