Restore Brick Window Sills or Install Limestone Window Sills

Properly installed window sills are essential for the complete building envelope. Brick window sills tend to breakdown for a number of reasons:

  1. They are installed with an insufficient slope downwards and water sits on the brick instead of flowing away from the window.
  2. There are so many mortar joints and therefore too many possible entries for water to penetrate.
  3. There are no drip edges to guide water away from the brick sills and the bricks underneath the sills.
  4. The flashing was installed directly below the window sill, which is more harmful than helpful.
  5. Weep vents are plugged at time of initial construction and water is trapped inside.

We can restore your existing brick window sills with proper installation of new brick.

Why Choose Limestone?

Once water penetrates, even though a small void in the mortar, it will quickly cause the deterioration to spread throughout and could possibly enter your home. Three Little Pigs Masonry recommends using 3 inch rock face Indiana limestone sills to replace brick window sills. These new sills are installed in one solid piece (up to a maximum length of 6 feet) to reduce the number of mortar joints and to give you the best overall finished product. Concrete is not recommended for window sills as it is too porous. We also install Indiana limestone sills in various thicknesses and can fulfill your customized limestone sill orders. We fabricate and install natural stone sills. Caulking of new sills is always included and we use commercial grade caulking for all our projects.

Three Little Pigs Masonry offers a 10 year warranty on new stone window sills – call to set up your appointment.

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