The foundation must be installed with all the necessary and essential
components for it to withstand the earth’s shifting and our cold climate.

Parging Above Grade Foundations
Concrete Foundations Need to be Maintained. The health of your home's foundation is a very important aspect to the overall health of your home. Great care was taken to protect the below grade foundation of your home at time of building. Two, and at times three, layers of water membrane have been installed to protect the foundation below grade. Little or no care has been given to the above grade foundation.

The above grade foundation is left exposed to the elements and will deteriorate over time. Crumbling, cracking, peeling, breaking and signs of water leakage are all indicators that your foundation needs immediate attention. In addition, if the concrete of your foundation shows visible aggregates such as stones or gravel, It has now become a sponge and will soak up water and slowly deteriorate and eat away at the cement ingredient in the concrete and eventually turn it into sand, and then following due course, start slowly consuming below grade concrete. it must be repaired to prevent future costly damage.

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Basement Waterproofing
In our opinion, repairing or injecting a type of epoxy for the interior of the concrete is only a temporary fix and not long-term basement waterproofing. Water will find its way in somewhere else. With basement waterproofing, usually we have to excavate the problem area or areas right down to the footing. We then check the weeping tile to make sure that after we leave the area that it is in good shape. If it too is defective, we must replace it. We will clean and grind the area. After locating the crack or cracks, we grind a wedge type groove called a "V" joint in this area to a depth of at least 5/8". We then tuck point a dry mortar (non-shrink type), such as a pre-hydrated mortar or a hydraulic mortar.

If it is a stone foundation, we will tuck point all defective mortar joints prior to installing a trowel on rubber water proof membrane to ensure that all voids and protrusions are completely covered, creating a 100% seal for the foundation. Because rubber allows the protective membrane to move with the foundation. We feel this rubber coating membrane is the best for the GTA area because still today they do not use steel rebar reinforcement to stop foundation from cracking and moving. We backfill soil/clay/aggregate and return all landscaping, interlock or steps back to original state. We back up our basement waterproofing with a minimum 20-year warranty.

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Under Pinning
Most people renovate or restore their homes from the grade levels up but never does a homeowner think they have to replace their foundation. Underpinning is seldom heard of outside of the GTA which adheres to the Provincial building code ( OBC ) which still today does not use steel reinforcement in their foundations. The rest of the province and the rest of the country work by the National building code ( NBC) which is a much superior building code and really is supposed to be the minimum requirements for all the provinces of Canada, except for British Columbia, because of their requirements are much higher there than the normal NBC.

For many years, right up until the mid-70s, foundations in the GTA were mostly built by ‘’hollow’’ concrete blocks ( except for the filled top course ) unlike NBC which requires solid steel reinforcement and solid filled concrete block from the footing to the sill plate, or formed and poured ( placed ) concrete with steel reinforcement.

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