Retaining Walls & Walkouts

Three Little Pigs Masonry follows fundamental masonry procedures
to have a successfully functional masonry retaining wall.

Retaining walkouts (National Building Code)
We'll remove any existing walkout, landscaping, decking, fence etc. (if required) and will haul away.
 Drill and install 4 foot deep pilings, 8 -10 inches in diameter at a maximum of 5 foot intervals at all grades, including treads and risers.
We'll Build footings that will be reinforced with 18 inches dowels connecting to foundation wall.
 Build solid concrete or "solid" fill concrete block (size to be determined on job site). Reinforced with 15m rebar.
 Drill weeper's after walls are constructed "or" build into wall a minimum 1/4” tubing to be 
located at very bottom of wall and at 2' intervals ( whichever method chosen). Weeper locations will have to have at least 4 inches of 3/4" clear gravel to act as a filter from native soils, to ensure that the hydrostatic pressure is always being released, thereby taking a lot of pressure off wall. 
Install Spilt face block or smooth surface ( parge and roll on coating). Backfill and compress native soils into place or backfill with HPB aggregates (depending on project and/or time of year). 
We ask that you use only sand for your de-icing requirements as all other de-icing products including salt will damage your concrete surface and will void your surface warranty. 
Coping stones are optional to deflect water away from wall. 20 year structural warranty on workmanship and materials.

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Retaining Walls
Three Little Pigs Masonry follows fundamental masonry procedures to have a successfully functional masonry retaining wall. We drill 4-foot deep pilings, 8" to 12" in diameter and at maximum 5-foot intervals (from lowest grade level of retainer). No matter how high your retaining wall, it must have these pilings or the frost will move it. We install 15m rebar (bent 90 degrees to tie into horizontal rebar or wire mesh or both into pilings) and pour or place concrete to level of lowest grade.

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Retaining Walls
Next, we install small 1/2" to 3/4" tubing at two foot intervals on top of footing to allow water to drain to prevent hydro static pressure, but we also cover the tubing on the inside with a large aggregate to ensure that the weepers do not get plugged up from soil or clay. In addition to installing active weepers, we install a waterproof membrane on the inside. The retaining wall can be built out of stone, brick or block, the choice is yours. The final component is the limestone coping that is installed on the top of the retaining wall with a 2" overhang and complete with drip edges to guide water away from your retaining wall.

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